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Job Openings:  House ManagerCarpenter, Costume DesignerCostume Shop Assistant, Properties Assistant, Properties Master, Scenic Charge Artist, Stichers


House Manager
Capital Repertory Theatre is looking for a per diem House Manager for the 16-17 Season. We are seeking a high energy individual with excellent customer service skills who works well in a fast paced environment. Please send resume and cover letter to Click here for a full job description:


Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY is in need of a Carpenter for our upcoming 2015-2016 Season. The carpenter is responsible for ensuring the construction and installation of scenery for each production. As necessary the carpenter will build specialty props and furniture. The carpenter should be thoroughly versed with the proper use and maintenance of all hand and power tools, construction materials, and various methods of building and rigging for a durable and economical set and an efficient load-in and strike of each production. The carpenter is also responsible for maintaining high standards of quality for unfinished scenery, set dressings, and constructed props. The carpenter will diligently acquire and strengthen skills and knowledge as necessary to ensure continued efficiency and productivity of the shop.

Please send resume to Brandon Curry Production Manager

Costume Shop Assistant

Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY is in need of a Costume Shop Assistant for our upcoming 2015-2016 Season. The Costume Shop Assistant is responsible for assisting the Costume Shop Manager in the creation, rental, maintenance, and storage of costume materials and finished costumes, dyeing fabrics and doing craft projects as needed, as well as advising the Costume Shop Manager as to supplies needed. The Costume Shop Assistant is also responsible for daytime maintenance of running productions, laundering and ironing costumes when the wardrobe staff cannot complete the duties during their normal hours.

The bulk of productions at Capital Repertory Theatre are rented, pulled, or bought with the specialty items being built, so much of the work in the shop is alterations of existing items. The Costume Shop Assistant should have a good knowledge of basic men’s suit alterations as well as a broad knowledge of modern and period construction techniques.

Please contact Brandon Curry Production Manager at

Properties Assistant

Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY is in need of a Properties Assistant for our 2015-2016 Season. The qualified candidate should have a strong working knowledge of upholstery, carpentry, time period research, and working within a budget. If you think that is you please send a resume and portfolio to Brandon Curry Production Manager.

Properties Master

Capital Repertory Theater in Albany, NY is searching for an experienced Properties Master for our upcoming 2015-2016 Season. The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years professional experience as a Props Master. The qualified individual will be able to work within a fixed budget to find, build and/or create all furniture, hand props, consumables, and set dressing for a production according the specifications of the Scenic Designer and Director. The properties master should ideally have some knowledge and/or the available resources to ascertain the knowledge of a range of time period items in order to be able to contribute efficiently to an overall design concept independently and with the consent of the Scenic Designer.
Please send resume and portfolio to Brandon Curry Production Manager.

Scenic Charge Artist

Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY is looking for a Scenic Charge Artist for our upcoming 2015-2016 Season. The Scenic Charge Artist has the primary responsibility for the creation of all painted scenic elements for all productions at the theatre. The Scenic Charge Artist has direct responsibilities over all issues pertaining to painting in scenic design, including creating and managing the department budget, selecting and hiring crew, painting or supervising painting of all scenic elements to meet the artistic standards of the theatre, purchasing/acquiring materials and creating work schedules to meet deadlines. The Scenic Charge Artist must be a highly educated, skilled artist with at least a B.A. Degree in Theatre Design, Graphic Design or Art (painting). The Scenic Charge Artist must be able to read ground plans, interpret paint elevations and possess a broad scope of current knowledge about a variety of materials, treatments and practices of the Theatre. The Scenic Charge Artists reports to the Production Manager, but works independently and collaboratively with the production designer, scenery, prop, and costume shops. The Scenic Charge Artist must possess effective communication skills and an ability to get along with diverse personalities in order to work with designers, vendors, outside consultants and members of the paint crew (1-3 painters).
Please email resume and portfolio to Brandon Curry Production Manager



Two experienced stitchers for or costume shop. Hourly - 30-40 hrs/week for 4-5 weeks. PAYS WELL! Work at our shop in the theatre -- for our summer productions! Starts June 28. Housing included. SEEKING: wardrobe run crew/dresser for run of A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN. Looking for someone with run crew experience and great personality to work with actors. Pays hourly - full time 6-weeks. June 20-Aug 15. SEEKING: Assistant costume shop manager - experience as stitcher, well-organized. Starts: immediately through Aug. 20. Housing included. 

Please send resume to