Design Facility

theREP’s production facility is 1/2 mile from the theatre

Historic building purchased in 2017; 30,000 square foot space facilitates set building and storage

When people think of theREP, they think of the theatre, the actors, the show, the experience.

But the real story of theREP happens behind the scenes, said the theatre’s producing artistic director Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill. It’s building the set, securing props, and yes, finding a place to store all those things. That’s one of the many reasons theREP and Proctors announced in August 2017 the purchase of the former Gomez Electrical building at 251 N. Pearl Street in Albany.

Less than a half-mile from theREP, this building has 30,000 square feet of space to allow the production side of the theatre room for work and storage.

“We’re excited about the location of it, the size of it and what it will mean for the behind-the-scenes things that Capital Rep needs,” Mancinelli-Cahill said.

In the past, production and storage was spread across a few locations. This building will provide a permanent home for that work, as well as offices for the production team.

“It fits our personality,” said Proctors CEO Philip Morris. “We love cities, we love downtowns, we love old buildings. We’re part of recycling and reconsidering the historic structure and fabric of a community and using it for a cultural purpose.”

People coming to see shows at theREP won’t see any difference or disruption, said Mancinelli-Cahill.

Ultimately, patrons will see the work produced at the new building, she said, but the real excitement will be behind-the-scenes.