2018-19 SEASON

Producer Info

Producer: Capital Repertory Theatre, 111 N. Pearl St., Albany, NY 12207

Producers: Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill, Producing Artistic Director; Philip Morris, CEO

Contract: LORT D (minimum $685/wk + p&h)

NY Casting Director: Stephanie Klapper, csa

Monday, April 16
AEA – 165 W. 46th St. Studio A
NYC 10036

Thursday, April 19
Capital Rep, 111 N. Pearl St.
Albany, NY 12207

Requirements: Bring short (no more than 1-minute) prepared comic monologue (Shakespeare or contemporary) and/or 16 bars of country-western song played on guitar (actors should bring guitar and accompany themselves) or 16 bars of romantic ballad, photo/resume stapled together. Please bring sheet music in the key in which you want to sing. Producing Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director will be present. Accompanist provided for actors not playing guitar.

All ethnicities

Union and Non-Union Actors Auditions

For Albany Audition 
AEA: Appointments on request but not required |
Non-Union: Please submit headshot and resume for consideration to

You will be contacted with an appointment time. All those without an appointment will be seen as time allows with AEA members given priority.

2018-19 Season: RING OF FIRE, THE ROYALE, MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY, RED MAPLE and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. Capital Rep also conducts a 3-day new play reading series, NEXT ACT June 2-4).


Production: RING OF FIRE, the music of Johnny Cash, Book by Richard Maltby, Jr., Conceived by William Meade

Synopsis: Musical bio revue about the ups and downs of the life of Johnny Cash, told through 31 of his beloved country hits.

Director: Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill; Music Director: Josh D. Smith; Choreographer: Freddy Ramirez

Dates: Reh starts: 6/12/18; previews: 7/6-8; opens 7/10; closes 8/12/18.

Seeking: (4) m (1) f

All actors in RING OF FIRE must play musical instruments. The instrumentation is flexible, but each actor needs to play guitar: lead, rhythm or bass – Other instruments sought: fiddle, trumpet, stand-up bass. We will be looking to create an ensemble of versatile, charismatic actor/musicians who know country music and can bring the spirit of Johnny Cash alive, by serving as narrators, friends and family, performing 31 songs of his career. All actors have to exude Cash’s persona at different times in his life, from young country boy to the iconic “Man in Black.”


  • David, Eddie, Mark: singer/actor/musicians – (age 20-40) baritone or bari-tenor, all play guitar – other instruments welcome: fiddle, harmonica, trumpet, banjo, etc.
  • Jason: (mature) must have a low D, plays guitar – other instruments welcome: fiddle, harmonica, trumpet, banjo, etc.


  • Trenna: singer/actor/musician: (late 20s-40) country singer/actress. Plays everything from a farmhouse mother to June Carter. Prefer to play guitar.


Production: THE ROYALE by

Director: Megan Sandburg-Zakian

Dates: Reh. Starts: 8/28/18; previews 9/21-23; opening night 9/25/18; closes 10/14/18

NOTE: This production is a remount. All roles are cast.


Production: MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY by Laura Gunderson and Margot Melcon

Synopsis: This charming imagined sequel to Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE brings the Bennet daughters alive again at a Christmas gathering in the home of the Darcys. Elizabeth, now married to Mr. Darcy and Jane (now expecting a child with Charles) are blissfully happy; Lydia, saddled to the ill-suited Mr. Wickham, denies her unhappiness with her continued flirtations. The awkward middle-sister, Mary, has blossomed into an intelligent, curious young woman and now, with the help of fate and her sisters, she meets her soulmate, Mr. Arthur De Bourgh.

Director: Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill

Dates: Reh start: 10/30/18, previews: 11/23-25; opening night 11/27; closes: 12/23/18

Seeking: (5) f (3) m

NOTE: All actors must possess versatile verbal skills and standard British accents. Ethnically diverse cast sought.


  • Mary Bennet, (20s), a “late bloomer.”. The middle sister, who the family believes will end up a spinster. However, the once plain and awkward girl has grown into a smart, intelligently-curious young woman. She doesn’t suffer fools, loves the company of a good book, but is ready to open her heart and mind to the right person.
  • Elizabeth Bennet-Darcy: (mid-late 20s), confident, attractive, terribly intelligent and winning. Perceptive, Compassionate, tolerant. A wonderful hostess.
  • Jane Bennet-Bingley – (mid to late 20s), the “prettiest Bennet” daughter, now happily married to Charles Bingley and 7-months pregnant. Sweet, kind and optimistic.
  • Lydia Bennet-Wickham – (20s) flirtatious and self-centered as ever, Lydia is still the life of any party and capable of stirring up fun and trouble.
  • Anne De Bourgh: (mid to late 20s) – a chip off the block of her mother, Lady Catherine and just as judgmental and privileged. Wealthy and pampered. Used to getting her way.


  • Arthur De Bourgh: (20s) – Studious, seemingly aloof, socially awkward, especially around women, intelligent. Prefers books to people. Wealthy. Capable of great love, but doesn’t know it, until he meets his match in Mary.
  • Fitzwilliam Darcy: (30ish) – The hero of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Mr. Darcy is now a generous, and loving husband. Considerate host. Quiet, thoughtful, observant; he sees what others miss. Embodies his distinguished pedigree, attractive, highly intelligent.
  • Charles Bingley: (late 20s) – Generous, kind and happy: An attentive and loving husband, he dotes on his wife, Jane. He is a good friend, ready to help and meet you with a smile.


Production: RED MAPLE by David Bunce

Synopsis: This hilarious comedy about suburban empty-nesters was the hit of the theatre’s Next Act new play summit and will have its world premiere at Capital Rep. The play takes place over dinner when four longtime friends gather and Robert makes an announcement that rocks their world. Things really heat up when a guest shows up who is not what or who she appears to be.

Director: Margaret E. Hall

Dates: Reh start: 1/2/19, previews: 1/25-27, opening night 1/29/19, closes: 2/17/19

Seeking: (2) m; (3) f


  • Robert: (50s) College professor facing retirement; he’s gone off the rails trying to navigate his looming retirement. A searcher his whole life, usually overly intellectual and rational, now super enthusiastic and energized by what he believes is a solution to his problems.
  • The role of John is cast.


  • Stephanie (late 40s-early 50s) Attractive, suburban, smart, happily married. Tries to do the right thing. Loyal friend. Resourceful in a pinch and surprisingly ruthless. Not used to stepping outside her comfort zone, but when she does, she’s very funny.
  • Karen: (late 40s-late 50s) Sassy, Attractive. Sophisticated career woman – buyer at Saks. Acerbic wit. Takes her husband for granted until now. When pushed, she pushes back. Protective to a fault and feisty under pressure. Versatile comedienne.
  • Jennifer/Teresa (late 20s-30s) Disarmingly charming and completely innocent façade. Underneath lurks the heart of an assassin – well, maybe. This former elementary school teacher, single mom has taken a job as a hitman to make ends meet and comes to the party in the guise of a realtor. Very funny comedienne.


Production: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard, adapted for the stage by Lee Hall.

Synopsis: Will Shakespeare has writers block. Aided by his friend, Kit Marlowe and his company of ragtag players, he begins a new play called Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate’s Daughter. As producers Henslowe and Fennyman pressure the young Bard to finish the play, Will meets a young man, perfect for the role of Romeo – but he turns out to be a she, Viola – his muse and true love. Inspired, Will and Viola become the star-crossed lovers of his masterpiece, Romeo & Juliet. This rich and bawdy play brings stage and backstage to life in a play-within-a-play style, where all actors are part of a “company of players,” some actors play multiple parts, sing, dance and engage in stage combat (some sword play, some brawling). The entire company needs to be well-versed in Shakespearean language, physically dexterous, – and comedic.

Director: Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill

Dates: Reh start: 3/12/19, previews 4/5-7, opening night 4/9 closes 5/12/19.

Seeking: (AEA) 8 (m) 2(f) (other roles will be played by non-pros)

NOTE: Actors with animal sensitivities: There is a dog in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. The dog will be present on and off stage. All actors will come in contact with the dog.

Doubling: Doubling assignments may change based on auditions.


  • Viola De Lessups (mid 20s-30s) Passionate. Confident. Master of Shakespearean verse and poetry. Romantic. Lovely. Physically agile. Must be a believable boy as well as a young noblewoman.
  • Queen Elizabeth/Molly (30s-50s) – Queen: Regal, commanding presence. Facile with language. High status. Molly: one of the favorite strumpets in the local tavern. Fun. Sassy.


  • The roles of Henslowe and Robin/Frees/Musician are cast.
  • Will Shakespeare (late 20s-mid 30s) Smart, sexy, charismatic, earthy but capable of great romance, desperate to find his muse again, very physical, facile with language and stage combat.
  • Kit Marlowe (late 20s-early 40s) The brains behind Will, his best friend. A working playwright, funny, brilliant, generous, facile with language and stage combat.
  • Fennyman (40s-50s) Ruthless loan shark who becomes a theatre producer. Rough and tough – somewhat gangster mentality. Not afraid to get his hands dirty when collecting debts. Turns into a theatre diva when he’s cast as the Apothecary. Facile with language. Very funny.
  • Ned Alleyn (late 20s-30s) Pompous, egotistical, the most popular leading man of his day for good reason. He’s really a very good actor. Attractive, athletic – and ultimately has great
  • respect for the theatre and Shakespeare. Plays the part of Mercutio in R&J. Must have experience in sword play.
  • Lord Wessex (late 20s-mid 40s) A nobleman with a title but no money. Embodies his high status and breeding. Full of himself, priggish, steeped in the conventional and domineering. Used to getting his own way. Engaged to Viola for her dowry. Jealous and hot-headed. Athletic – must have experience in sword play.
  • Richard Burbage (40s-50s) Owner of a competing theatre and its leading actor. Melodramatic. Overbearing. Big presence. “The old school” actor of his day. Funny. Engages in stage combat.

Non-pro roles:

  • John Webster (juvenile)
    Tilney/Sir Robert De Lesseps
    Kate/Mistress Quigley
    Viola’s Nurse
    Musician: Nol/Lambert