NEXT ACT! New Play Summit 6

Friday, October 20, 2017 to Monday, October 23, 2017

Get a chance to weigh in on the titles being considered for future seasons at theREP!

NEXT ACT! now in it’s sixth year, is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s commitment to the development of new work and directly reflects the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.”

Together, theREP and our management partner Proctors will host this fourth annual event with productions at both the GE Theatre at Proctors and on theREP’s iconic thrust stage.

This four-day summit will include events highlighting the process of new play development and afford an opportunity for playwrights, directors, actors and composers to share their ideas and passions for the craft of theatre with you, their audience. 


Showpony by Judith Leora
Sex and power politics run rampant when a Fortune 500 company acquires a small female-owned advertising agency with promises of equality, job security and new opportunities. When a group of savvy, intelligent female employees are asked to finesse a pitch for a pair of stilettos that will be presented by a team of men, the women get a big reality check – and pink slips. Who’s out and who’s in? Five women’s lives are about to change forever.
Friday, October 20 @theREP 
7:30 PM
Director – Megan Sandberg-Zakian
Stage Manager – Melissa Richter*
Tara – Kristyn Youngblood*
Destiny – Sadrina Renee*
Sam – Lucy Lavely*
Patricia – Barbara Howard*
Omolola – Jalissa Watson
Walker – Kevin McGuire*
Stage Directions – Laurie O’Brien*
First 15: Be a Literary Manager
This event is designed to illuminate audiences on the process playwrights follow when submitting a new play, and what it is like to be a literary manager (or a Next Act! reading committee member) reading those submissions. The event features readings and discussions of the first fifteen minutes from five plays that made it into the final round of the summit – rising to the top of over 500 submissions.
Saturday, October 21 @theREP 
12:00 pm

Director – Leigh Strimbeck
Stage Manager – Elise Charlebois

The Names by Paul Lewis
Martina – Lezlie Dana
Sam – Ben Williamson*
Giulia – Jenny Strassburg*
Gestapo Official – Laurie O’Brien*
Stage Directions – Matthew Winning

Lydia Lindstrom by Steven Peterson
Cora – Dana Goodknight
Mats – Matt Winning
Lydia – Lezlie Dana
Arvid – Ben Williamson*
Stage Directions: Bianca Stinney*

The Dog with The Head of The Dragon by Alan Brody
Gao Xiang – Carmen Lookshire
Jenny – Laurie O’Brien*
Carl – Kirk Jackson*
Young Jenny – Dana Goodknight
Stage Directions: Jenny Strassburg*

The Puppeteer by Desiree York
Ernie – Kirk Jackson*
Constance – Bianca Stinney*
Miss Dunston – Jenny Strassburg*
Robert – Ben Williamson*
Stage Directions: Dana Goodknight

Old Man In A Big Car by Deb Lucasta
Voice of Radio – Ben Williamson*
Old Man (Stu Keller) – Kirk Jackson*
Joan Kelleer – Lezlie Dana
Jake Keller – Matthew Winning
Stage Directions – Carmen Lookshire

Synopsis Clinic with Aoise Stratford
Playwrights, come hear Dramatist Guild member, and the Guild’s representative for Central New York, discuss how to craft a strong synopsis that will make literary managers (producers, artistic directors and theatres) want to read your play. In addition to being a published playwright and having her plays produced around the world, Ms. Stratford holds a PhD from Cornell University, where she also teaches and occasionally serves as a dramaturg.
Anyone in attendance who would like feedback on their synopsis is asked to bring 10 copies of it with them.
Saturday, October 21 @theREP
2:30 pm
Your Best One by Meridith Friedman
Eight years after they split up, a serious health threat brings ex-partners David and Richard back together. When Richard offers David a chance to receive the best care money can buy, it means they will be entangled in each other’s lives again – much to the delight of David’s father and son – but to the dismay of David’s sister, who can’t bear the idea of another heartbreak for her brother. As everybody gets into the action, will Richard leave or finally step up to become the mate and father he has never been before?
Saturday, October 21 @theREP
7:30 pm

Director – Stephen Nachamie
Stage Manager – Melissa Richter*
Richard – Kevin McGuire*
Oscar – Richard Mawe*
David – Ward Dales*
Laura – Amy Prothro*
Josh – Kevin Zuchowski
Stage Directions – Tony Pallone*

Next Act: New Voices
This event is designed to introduce several short works written by younger playwrights to the audiences of the Capital Region. These plays, each ten to fifteen-minutes in length, will be read by a cast of seasoned actors. Audiences are able to provide feedback – via feedback forms that theREP collects – to help these young writers develop their craft.
Sunday, October 22 @Proctors GE Theatre

12;00 pm

Director – Matthew Winning
Stage Manager – Rachel Frascella 

Inside My Head by Joshua Kenna
Ethan Kenniston/Ethan’s Conscience – John McCorkle
Jane Kenniston – Katherine Stephens
Jack Kenniston – C.W. Owens*
Dr. Stevens – Dana Goodknight
Edward Kenniston – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez
Stage Directions – Ben Katagiri

Curiosity Killed the Cat by Morgan Hughes
Leon – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez
Grace Johnson – Morgan Heyward
Stage Directions – Aileem Penn

Though I Walk Through The Valley by S.E. Vatalaro
Jealousy – Katherine Stephens
Justice – Madalyn Montgomery
Beauty – C.W. Owens*
Hate – Dana Goodknight
Love – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez
Misery – Morgan Heyward
Death – Ben Katagiri
Irony – John Mcorkle
Stage Directions – Aileem Penn

Q&A by Derick Edgren
Shauna – Aileem Penn
Pearl – Ben Katagiri
Stage Directions – Katherine Stephens

Two Truths and a Lie by Madaleine Kotary
Clyde Harlow – C.W. Owens*
Hugh Alfreds – Ben Katagiri
Morrie – Katherine Stephens
Unnamed Waitress – Madalyn Montgomery
Stage Directions – Dana Goodknight

In Full Bloom by Paige Zubel
Roger – Ben Katagiri
Beth – Morgan Heyward
Stage Directions – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez

The Marble Muse by Diane Baia Hale
Defying convention, Louisa Lander, a young American sculptress from Salem, MA, struggles to establish her career, until another Salem native, famed author Nathaniel Hawthorne, visits Rome and agrees to sit for her. As the married Hawthorne becomes captivated by his young muse, the ill-fated relationship falls under the jealous eyes of a rival sculptor. When the sensuous bust of Hawthorne is unveiled and becomes a sensation, not even the sunny skies of Italy can shield Louisa from the long-reaching shadows of Salem.
Based on the true story.
Sunday, October 22 @Proctors GE Theatre
5:00 PM

Director – Kevin McGuire
Stage Manager – Melissa Richter*
Maria Louisa Lander – Jenny Strassburg*
Harriet Hattie Hosmer – Hillary Parker*
William Wetmore Story – Ben Williamson*
Sophia Hawthorne – Jackie Sanders*
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Kurt Rhoads*
Una Hawthorne – Ariana Papaleo
Stage Directions – Laurie O’Brien*

Red Maple:  A Love Story For Empty Nesters by David Bunce
When four long-time friends get together for a casual dinner, Robert uses the occasion to announce that since his recent near-fatal car accident, his life has taken a turn that shocks everyone around the table.  Things get shaken and stirred as the cocktails and confessions flow, building to a hilarious crescendo when an unexpected guest shows up begging the question, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”
Playwright David Bunce will be familiar to many Capital Region theatre goers, as a favorite local actor and former member of the NYSTI acting company, now Professor of Theatre at Sage College’s TIS program (Theatre Institute at Sage).
Monday, October 23 @theREP
7:30 PM

Director – Margaret E. Hall
Stage Manager – Melissa Richter*
John Hartley – Oliver Wadsworth*
Karen Hartley – Yvonne Perry*
Stephanie Morton – Laurie O’Brien*
Robert Morton PhD – Kevin McGuire*
Jennifer – Kelsey Torstveit*
Stage Directions – C.W. Owens*

Personal Responsibility Statement: Proctors prides itself on offering a diverse selection of arts entertainment. Not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for every person or for all ages. Patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the shows we offer in order to make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets.