NEXT ACT! New Play Summit 7

Saturday, June 02, 2018 to Monday, June 04, 2018

NEXT ACT! now in it’s seventh year, is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s commitment to the development of new work and directly reflects the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.”

Together, theREP and our management partner Proctors will host this event with productions at both the The Addy and GE Theatre at Proctors, and on theREP’s iconic thrust stage.

This three-day summit will include events highlighting the process of new play development and afford an opportunity for playwrights, directors, actors and composers to share their ideas and passions for the craft of theatre with you, their audience.

June 2 (at Proctors – The Addy)

Please note that your ticket purchase for June 2 includes both events.

The First 15: Be a Literary Manager | 12 p.m.
Saturday June 2, 2018 – Proctors Addy Theatre

First 15

Director – Leigh Strimbeck
SM – Elise Charlebois

The Motel Play by Stephen Brown
Paul – Shayne David Cameris
Todd – James Q. Carola
Sarah – Daniela Malave*
Diego – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez

Two disparate stories collide one night at a motel near the border of Texas and Mexico. Sarah and Paul have been running their small motel together for a year, a year of tragedy with a specific event that haunts their marriage. This tragedy and the loneliness of running a small motel off the interstate is eating Sarah alive. Enter Diego and Todd, best friends who are mucking up their first run as “coyotes.” While attempting to smuggle a pregnant Mexican woman across the border their car breaks down luckily not too far from Paul and Sarah’s motel. While all of this is taking place Maria, the pregnant Mexican woman fears something is terribly wrong with her unborn baby.
La Fin du Silence by Michael Walker
Stage Directions – Patrick White
Nicole – Lily Balsen*
Simone – Brenny Rabine*
Tami – Dana Goodknight
Stage Directions – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez
Brian – Louis Sallan*

“Journey Magazine” – an on-line publication – gives voice to the stories of women and girls who have been raped and or experience sexual violence. The “journey” is from victim to survivor. When the publication lands a story to “beat” all stories, Publisher, Brian Carter and his Assistant Editor, Nicole have some tough decisions to make. In order to print this woman’s story, known only to Brian and Nicole as Simone, the magazine must agree to keep her identity a secret. Additionally, they must agree to publish her story in three installments without any verification other than her “word” the story is true. Meanwhile, freelance journalist Susan believes Brian has made up the story as a publicity stunt. What will Nicole and Brian discover as they proceed with Simone’s demands, and print her story?
Box Seats by Blain Teamer
Stage Directions – Shayne David Cameris
Natalie Grey – Daniela Malave*
Tess Grey – Brenny Rabine*
Brooks Grey – John Romeo*
Max Grey – Louis Sallan*
Stella – Eileen Schuyler*
Raphael Ludamel – Patrick Whit

Each summer, the Grey’s partake in a family ritual, music in their box seats at the Hollywood Bowl. The evening at play, “the parents” (in their sixties) have chosen to reveal to their “children” (adults in their thirties and forties), their personal plans to keep developing as creative individuals now that the business of child rearing is over. What does that all mean in today’s society where narcissism, homophobia and ageism still exist?
Lakshmi Counts Her Arms and Legs by Holly Hepp-Galvan
Deepshikha – Lily Balsen*
Gayle – Tracy Liz Miller*
Saresh – Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez
Stage Directions – John Romeo*
Adnan – Louis Sallan*

When a child with four arms and four legs is born in rural India, the villagers see it as a blessing. People come from miles around to pray to this reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. However, Dr. Patil, an Indian-American neurosurgeon, knows that not only does the childe need a life-saving operation, but that in doing so he will be able to show the world how medically advanced the country of India is. Accompanied by his American wife Gayle, they go and meet the child and her parents. As Dr. Patil is on the verge of convincing the child’s parents to consent to surgery his wife has an unexpected spiritual epiphany. Dr. Patil is forced to look inward and reconcile his American outlook with the mysterious, magical, faith-filled India.
The Daughters by Patricia Cotter
Evelyn – Lily Balsen*
Griff – Cedar Brock
Shorty – Dana Goodknight
Leslie – Daniela Malave*
Peggy – Tracy Liz Miller
Mal – Brenny Rabine*
Stage Directions: Eileen Schuyler*

This comedy about transformative, identity, gender and sexuality, explores two milestone moments in history, sixty years apart. The first, the founding of the Daughters of Bilitis – the first political and social club for gay women – in 1955. The second, the closing of the last lesbian bar in San Francisco in 2015. Two groups of very different women gather to dance, drink, fall in love, break up, talk politics and even though they don’t know it, change the world! 

New Voices | 3 p.m.
Saturday June 2, 2018– Proctors Addy Theatre

New Voices

Director – Aaron Moore
SM – Rachel Frascella

Bootstrap by John McCorkle
Grey – Victoria Benkoski
Stage Directions – Jalissa Watson
Doctor Rosenberg – Caroline Whelehan
Brian – Ben Williamson*

Freak by Jonathan Van De Loo
Stage Directions – Amanda Earls
John – Johan Gran
Sam – Noah Heimbach

Heavier Things Remian by Olivia Lawrence
Mother (Catherine Fraiser) – Victoria Benkoski
Umbria Fraiser – Ella Davidson
Nathan King – Johan Gran
Investigator (Chara) – Hana Kenny
Amitie Hague – Madalyn Montgomery
Stage Directions – Tom Templeton

Miss Muffet’s Chesse Buffet by Jashton Gieser
Stranger – Kevin McGuire*
Stage Directions – Madalyn Montgomery
Sara – Jalissa Watson
Waiter/waitress – Caroline Whelehan
John – Ben Williamson*

Reflection by Lily Jandrisevits
Arden 2 – Ella Davidson
Stage Directions – Thinh Le
Arden – Jalissa Watson

Sweet Dreams by Aminah Wingfield
Stage Directions – Justin Friello*
Marcus Thompson – Johan Gran
Kyle Masters – Noah Heimbach

Mrs. Theresa Thompson by Hana Kenny
Jonathan (Johnny) Lark – Thinh Le
Principal Hawkins – Kevin McGuire*
Hailey Stevens – Madalyn Montgomery
Officer Jones – Tom Templeton

Expression by Ava Zuelsdorf
Mrs. Starburn – Victoria Benkoski
Emma Mac – Ella Davidson
Stacy – Amanda Earls
Policeman – Justin Friello*
Ronan – Johan Gran
Naku – Noah Heimbach
Joe – Thinh Le
Avina Zoozle – Madalyn Montgomery
Stage Directions – Ben Williamson*

The Powerful and the Powerless by Emily O’Brien
Sheila Smith – Amanda Earls
George Hubbard – Justin Friello*
Stage Directions – Noah Heimbach
Samuel Bakersman – Thinh Le
Paul Masterson – Kevin McGuire*
Mr. Dean – Tom Templeton
Emma Nightwing – Caroline Whelehan
James O’Reilly – Ben Williamson*

The Council by S. E. Vatalaro
Stage Directions – Victoria Benkoski
Kappa – Justin Friello*
O’May – Johan Gran
Carnes – Kevin McGuire*
Lappa – Tom Templeton
Shaw – Ben Williamson*

The Thief of The Incendium by Oliver Price
Ryker Stone – Justin Friello*
Sarah – Hana Kenny
Isaac – Tom Templeton
Daniel – Ben Williamson*
Stage Directions – Kevin McGuire*

June 3, 2018 at Proctors GE Theatre at 5pm

Second Look: “Showpony” by Judith Leora | 5 p.m.
June 3, 2018 at Proctors GE Theatre

Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian
Stage Manager – Melissa Richter*
ASM – Rachel Frascella

Patricia – LaVonda Elam*
Tara – Rebecca Gibel*
Walker – David Girard*
Stage Directions – Kevin McGuire*
Destiny – Sadrina Reneé*
Omolola – Bianca Stinney*
Sam – Jenny Strassburg*

Description: Sex and power politics run rampant when a Fortune 500 company acquires a small female-owned advertising agency with promises of equality, job security and new opportunities. When a group of savvy, intelligent female employees are asked to finesse a pitch for a pair of stilettos that will be presented by a team of men, the women get a big reality check – and pink slips. Who’s out and who’s in? Five women’s lives are about to change forever.

June 4, 2018 at theREP at 7:30pm

“The Way North” by Tira Palmquist | 7:30 pm
June 4, 2018 at theREP

Directed by Kevin McGuire
SM – Melissa Richter*
ASM – Rachel Frascella

Dante (Dan) Williams – Kent Burnham*
Alex Hansen – Tyaela Nieves
Stage Directions – Brenny Rabine*
Agnus Kuur – Zenzi Williams*
Freddy Hansen – Gameela Wright*

Description: On a cold winter night in Northern Minnesota, a mysterious traveler – completely unsuited to hiking and the climate – stumbles onto former Sheriff Freddy Hansen’s property. Now a wilderness expert and trekking guide, Hansen knows how to keep people alive and quickly goes to work to save the young woman’s life, in doing so Hansen discovers not one, but two important facts about her. She’s a Sudanese Refugee attempting to cross the border into Canada, and she’s seven months pregnant. Hansen is forced to choose between what’s lawful and what’s right, to find the way north again.


Personal Responsibility Statement: Proctors prides itself on offering a diverse selection of arts entertainment. Not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for every person or for all ages. Patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the shows we offer in order to make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets.