Next Act Schedule

  • June 10th at 5pm – 12th at 10pm First 15: Be a Literary Manager Reading & YARTSY ON DIVISION by Mark Rigney — available to stream on all of our platforms at NO COST

  • June 10th at 5pm – 12th at 10pm: NextGen: ALETHEIA by MJ Johnson, New Voices: Young Playwright Contest Winners Reading — available to stream on all of our platforms at NO COST

  • June 11 at 6pm – Virtual (Zoom) Synopsis Clinic with Aoise Stratford; Free; Registration required

  • June 13, 2022 at 7:30pm – THREE MOTHERS by Ajene D. Washington, In-Person at theREP (Tickets Required, $15.00)

Show Descriptions


Over the course of a two-day yard-art festival (Yart!), five neighbors square off in an ever-shifting battle for moral clarity after it becomes known that one of them attended the January 6th riot, while another relied on OnlyFans to pay the bills during the darkest days of COVID-19. Who gets to cancel whom? With Yartsy the living yard-art app as tour guide, anything can happen in this highly theatrical street-fest––and it probably will.

THREE MOTHERS by Ajene D. Washington

THREE MOTHERS is a fictionalized story inspired by real people, real events and the 1964 photo of the three mothers, whose sons were brutally murdered during Civil Rights upheaval in the South. After the final funeral, during shiva in Carolyn Goodman’s home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the three mothers come to grips with the details surrounding their sons’ deaths at the hands of Ku Klux Klan members. Through their meeting they forge an unbreakable bond and commitment to the Civil Rights movement.

ALETEIA by MJ Johnson

Set in a futuristic world one has the option to have a surgical implant installed that will then manage one’s memories (clearing the clutter and allowing for a more productive life – which may or may not be warranted when people are living to 150+ years old).


Featuring excerpts from 5 of the Top 10 plays. Scripts included: GROUP by Susan P. Spain, BROWN BODIES ON A BLUE EARTH by Cris Eli Blak, THE NONESSENTIALS by Lynda Crawford, COME AGAIN   Dellagiarino, and POWER OF BABEL by Rich Rubin.


Features readings of the 6-winning plays from theREP’s 2022 Young Playwright Contest. These 10-minute plays are written by young playwrights – all of whom are from the greater Capital Region, and all in Middle or High School. Winning scripts are: UNEXPECTED LOVE by Jordan Moses (of Loudonville Christian School), THE YELLOW NOTEBOOK by Emma Pelton, Amara Mitchell & Hannah Richards, GHOST WRITERS by Samantha Gallagher, BEFORE IT FALLS by Jack Bruno & Noelle Abushqeir, CRYSTAL GAZER by Chiara Cenci & Reese Taylor, and THE CHURCH by Sylvia Mattraw-Johnston, Nicholas Vanhoesen & Samuel Mozzillo (all of Coxsackie-Athens High School – a banner year for students at Coxsackie-Athens Central School District). These playwrights will see their plays fully produced on theREP’s stage, performed by the Summer Stage Young Acting Company this coming July