Capital Repertory Subscription Reseating FAQ

What is the procedure for theREP subscribers to get new seats?

Capital Repertory Theatre subscribers will be invited to dedicated pick-your-seat events this fall in theRep’s current location. You will be able to work with a Box Office CSA to select new favorite seats. Anyone unable to attend one of these events will be invited to call the Box Office during October.

What does saving or selecting “new favorite seats” mean?

A key benefit of subscribing is having your preferred seat location held for you for the next season. Since our next season is in the new building, we are giving subscribers the first opportunity to select favorite seats in the new seating diagram. Once you have chosen your new favorite seats, we will prepare 2020-2021 subscription renewal materials to send to you in February or March.

How will I get my tickets for Sister Act?

After you choose your new favorite seats, theRep staff will match your existing Sister Act tickets to these new locations. If there is any need to clarify seat needs, we will contact you directly.

Where is the special needs seating?

There are three fully accessible seating locations at the top of the theatre. Each location can accommodate one wheelchair and two companions. There will also be handrails on all of the aisles in the theatre.

What are the hearing assistance options in the new theatre?

The theatre will have a state-of-the-art T-Coil Hearing Loop that can be accessed throughout the auditorium. The Box Office will be able to provide hearing assisted devices to patrons without a T-Coil enabled hearing aid.

Will there still be sign language interpretation available?

There will be an ASL interpreted performance on the second Saturday matinee for each subscription series show. The interpreted section will be located in house right, similar to its placement in the current building.

How do these changes affect pricing?

There will be three pricing tiers in the new theatre just as there are in our current location and we’re happy to announce that our third-tier pricing will no longer have the obstructed view challenges of our current location.

Why are aisle seats more expensive?

Some aisle seats are more expensive based on their higher demand due to additional legroom and easy access to egress.

How was the theatre design chosen?

With the opportunity to build this theatre from scratch and given the architecture of the building, we chose to use a thrust stage design similar to the current building. Patrons will have an even more intimate experience of our productions with fewer pillars and rows, drawing them closer than ever before to the action onstage.

What will the legroom be like?

The legroom will be similar to the current location and will be roughly the same in every row.

How many stairs are there in the theatre?

There are six rows in the theatre that are stadium stair seating, which means there are approximately two steps per row for a total of 12 steps down to the first row.

Is there going to be a place to park?

Yes. There is ample street parking, there will be a shuttle from the Quackenbush Garage, and we are currently working on an additional parking lot solution one block north of the theatre.

Are there fewer seats in the new theatre?

No. There are more seats in the new building.

Where is the entrance to the theatre?

From the lobby and café area, you will enter the theatre at the back of the house on either side of the center section.

Where are the emergency exits in the theatre?

There are three emergency exits, the two main entrances and one additional egress at stage level on house left.

Is the stage level with row A or is it elevated like it is now?

The stage elevation is slightly higher to improve sightlines.

How do the side sightlines compare to the current theatre?

Most patrons will experience a far superior sightline in the new theatre.

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